35% of the economy in Ukraine does not work

Military action has led to a significant reduction in the work of enterprises

Due to the war, about 35% of Ukraine’s economy is not working today, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal told BBC News Ukraine.

“According to various estimates, various experts, today the economy has lost between 30% and 50%. The forecast for falling GDP is also 30-50%. On average, about 35% of the economy does not work today. Accordingly, the budget is estimated at 50-70% of peacetime. At the same time, the costs for social needs, humanitarian needs, and demining have increased dramatically, ” Shmygal said.

All this creates a budget deficit of $5 bln per month. “It’s big money, and of course we ask our partners to support us. We work closely with the IMF, the International Bank, the United States and the European Union. The United Kingdom is very supportive of us, “said Shmygal. 

The direct damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure and economy is about $600 bln, and that damage is growing every day.

More than 100 educational institutions and more than 500 medical institutions were either completely destroyed or damaged. Also, 25 thousand km of roads, several hundred bridges, 12 international airports were damaged, more than 40 million m of housing were damaged or destroyed.

Business has lost more than 200 factories, about 17% of businesses have stopped working altogether, and 60% of businesses are operating below pre-war levels.

Source: https://investory.news/