A website for soldiers of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus who do not want to fight has been launched

Ukraine urges Russian and Belarusian army soldiers not to carry out criminal orders and not to participate in terrorist actions against Ukraine.

The cyber police, together with volunteers, developed a website www.defenseua.com for Russian and Belarusian soldiers willing to surrender and/or fight on the side of Ukraine. The military aggressor countries are promised to comply with the requirements of the Geneva Convention on the detention of prisoners of war.

The site contains detailed instructions for Russian and Belarusian troops, if you are forced to carry out illegal orders, as well as contacts of government organizations and step-by-step instructions on how to surrender.

In addition, the site has links for charity donations to the AFU and a list of reliable sources of information.

The portal has also developed links to official sources of information to counter disinformation.

A separate section of the site, “Your Cybersecurity,” is useful for Ukrainians, as it contains basic advice on cyber hygiene.

The site is available in four languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, and Belarusian.

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