Assessment of the level of enterprise development of Dnipropetrovsk region

The EEN-Ukraine project, which is implemented through a programme of EU under the Competitiveness Program for SMEs «COSME», invites export-oriented (SMEs) of Dnipropetrovsk region to submit an application for an Innovation Management Assessment in comparison with European enterprises.

The enterprise can choose one of two types of analysis depending on the direction of the company, namely:

  • innovation management assessment (structured assessment of the company’s current efficiency in innovation management);
  • digital innovation factor (structured assessment of the company’s current productivity in digital innovation).

Under the innovation * in the enterprise it should be understood successful operation of new product, service, development of a business model that is new for the company or the market in general.

The enterprise that decides to pass the Innovation Management Assessment will receive:

  • certified individual report from IMP³rove Academy which corresponds to European Management Standards CEN / TS 16 555-1 & CWA 15899. Received report will allow you to see strong and weak points of the company compared with European competitors;
  • an international certificate of IMP³rove on the successful participation of the company in the “Analysis of the innovative potential of SMEs”, which will allow the company to obtain better position in the European market;
  • an individual plan of action aimed at strengthening of strong and mitigating of weak sides of the enterprise, as well as recommendations the innovation capacity increasing.

The main criteria for participation in the project:

  • the company must be registered in Ukraine and not be in the process of liquidation and bankruptcy;
  • SME activity is at least 3 years old;
  • the total number of employees is at least 5 people;
  • an authorized representative has an English level that will allow you to understand and complete a questionnaire that contains 46 online questions.

After filling out the application, an export-oriented company is allowed to participate in the EEN-Ukraine project to obtain an assessment of the level of enterprise development.

The evaluation is conducted in English on the online platform of IMP³rove Academy  EEN-Ukraine consultants will accompany the enterprises during the analysis and will help to answer all the questions.

The information obtained during the evaluation is completely confidential.

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* Types of innovations:

  • product innovations are related to the functionality and product productivity. They cover the product change which is offered by the company on the market or the implementation of an entirely new product. This is the most easily recognizable type of innovation, as consumers see changes at once;
  • service innovations relate for the introduction of a completely new service or its changes that the company offers on the market. For companies operating in the service sector, this is usually the most important type of innovation. However, manufacturing companies can also successfully complement their products with service innovations;
  • process innovations relate to changes in the company’s core processes. Often, this is the result of changes in technology used by the company. Usually these processes are invisible to the consumer, but are often vital for the competitive positioning of a product or service;
  • organizational innovations relate to changes in the organizational structure of the company. These changes include, for example, the transition from a functional organization to a project organization. It may also include organizational changes in the integration of external partners in alliances and networks;
  • business model innovations describe how the company creates, sells and values its customers. There are four main areas where a business model can manage innovation: value proposition – what is being sold – how it is created and sold – to whom it is delivered.

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