Biz For Ukraine is a platform for finding international projects for Ukrainian entrepreneurs

The Institute of Marketing (Estonia) in cooperation with the State Enterprise “Office for Entrepreneurship Development and Export” has launched a project to support business Biz For Ukraine for Ukrainian companies that have the ability to remotely provide services to foreign companies.

The goal is to create a partnership environment between Ukrainian and European companies to provide working projects for Ukrainian specialists. Thus, Ukrainian companies will be able to find international projects in the EU markets, and foreign companies – services from qualified specialists from Ukraine.

So far, more than 60 Ukrainian companies have applied for participation in the project, among them the most common are proposals for partnership in the following areas:

  • IT;
  • creative industry;
  • engineering;
  • consulting.

The operation of the platform is not limited to the existing sectors, so representatives of Ukrainian companies that have the ability to provide remote services are invited to participate:

Information on Ukrainian companies will be updated twice a week.

The organizers of the initiative count on the broad support of the project by EU citizens. To this end, the Estonian partners have created an opportunity to make financial contributions. All funds raised will go to promote the project among foreign companies.

The partners call on all those with international contacts to disseminate information to acquaintances of EU citizens, companies, associations, NGOs and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact this e-mail address: