Business will be given loans at 0% during the war, the number of permits will be reduced by 30 times

During the martial law, businesses will be able to get a loan at 0% per annum in the amount of up to UAH 60 million, and the number of permits for entrepreneurs will be reduced from 600 to 20 documents. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky in his speech.

“Our government has already prepared a decision to expand the lending program for entrepreneurs on the basis of the program” 5-7-9% “. We are creating a new opportunity – any business can get a loan at 0% during martial law and one month after the war,” – Zelenskyi said.

After that, the minimum rate of 5% will apply. The maximum amount that entrepreneurs can borrow is UAH 60 million – “so that there is a wider range of businesses that will be able to use our program.”

The president also announced a large-scale reduction in regulations: from more than 600 permits and licenses required to run a business, the number will be reduced to about 20 documents that cannot be revoked. For example, Zelenskyi said, a permit for radioactive waste management.

“For most, the declarative principle will work – you have announced the start of activities and you are working freely,” he explained.