“Come back alive from Ukraine” service, created for captured Russian soldiers and their mothers

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it was decided to give captured Russian soldiers to their mothers if they come to Ukraine, to Kyiv for them.

How can you bring your son back from captivity?

Call the phone number indicated in the leaflet in order to find out if your son is in captivity or died, in the telegram channel Gruz 200 https://t.me/gruz_200_rus

Or call the hotline of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – “Come back alive from Ukraine” on multichannel phones.

  • +380894201860
  • +380894201861
  • +380894201862

Or write to the email: Vernis_iz_ukraine@gmail.com

Then, if you have received confirmation that your son is in our captivity, the mothers of Russian soldiers must get to Kyiv.

After the invasion of the Russian army and the closure of airspace, this can only be done in this way:

Get to Kaliningrad or Minsk.  From there by bus or taxi to the Polish border.

Then through the territory of Poland you need to reach the checkpoint with Ukraine.

There you will be met and escorted to Kyiv, where your son will be handed over to you.

We, Ukrainians, unlike the Russian fascists, do not fight mothers and their captive children.

We are waiting for you in Kyiv!

Once again, a link to the channel https://t.me/gruz_200_rus

Source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine