DIA presents industrial property of the region

Milk processing plant, livestock breeding complex, warehouses are offered to strategic investors who intend to implement projects on milk processing or placement of large-scale or industrial production as well as the opening of a logistics center.

The above-mentioned facilities are located in Mezhivska ATC, which is one of the most active communities in the region and Ukraine. The community includes 30 settlements with a total area of 630 km² and a population of more than 15 thous. people. The land fund of the community consists of 58 thousand ha, of which 56 thous. ha are agricultural lands. Information on the existing and investment land of Mezhivska ATC can be found on the ArcGIS online platform.

Currently, DIA is forming a “Catalogue of large industrial property” which can be found on the investment portal. In addition, an interactive map of DIA offers more than 30 real estate objects that can be used to create a new production or other type of economic activity in Dnipropetrovsk region.

If your company is interested in real estate and wants to become an investor or partner, we invite you to cooperation. Personal Project Manager ─ Halyna Savran, E-mail: savran.dia@gmail.com, tel .: 056 742 86 34.

Real estate is a Brownfield property complex and vacant premises that can be rented or transferred ownership of potential investors for the investment projects implementation.