Dnipropetrovsk region leads in terms of attracted foreign investment

Although the results of 2021 in attracting foreign investment will be announced only in March of this year, the results of the three quarters show a positive trend. Thus, the volume of foreign direct investment in the cumulative total for 9 months of 2021 amounted to $5,520.5 million. This is 12.2% of the all-Ukrainian indicator and exceeds the figures for the beginning of the year by 15.6%.

The largest share of foreign direct investment was directed to the industry – $3,800.1 million (68.8% of the total). Of these, $1,632.8 million was directed to the processing industry, and $2,028.3 million to the mining industry. The volume of foreign direct investment in industry increased by 10.3% compared to the same period last year.

The second place is occupied by wholesale and retail trade, the volume of investments is $915.1 million (16.6%) and increased by 24.6% over the year.

$772.8 million (14%) was invested in the service sector. The largest share was directed to real estate transactions – $441.6 million, as well as to transport, warehousing – $216.9 million. The volume of foreign investment in the service sector increased by 23.1% compared to the corresponding period last year.

$22.6 million (0.4%) was invested in the agricultural sector, and $9.9 million (0.2%) was invested in construction.

Foreign investments in the region’s economy came from 58 countries. 94.4% of the total foreign investment of $5209 million was sent from the EU countries.

Main countries-investor:

  • Cyprus – $2432.2 million (44.1% of the total foreign direct investment in the region);
  • Netherlands – $1,853.4 million (33.6%);
  • Germany – $746.4 million (13.5%);
  • Virgin Islands (Brit.) – $95.2 million (1.7%);
  • Switzerland – $44 million (0.8%);
  • other countries – $349.3 million (6.3%)

According to the indicators of the three quarters of 2021, foreign investors invested $529.2 million in direct investments in the economy of the Dnipropetrovsk region. This amounted to 28.4% of the all-Ukrainian indicator. Of which $41.5 million are equity instruments, $551.4 are income reinvestment.