Dnipropetrovsk region ranks first among the regions of Ukraine in terms of goods’ export and import

The foreign trade turnover of goods in 2020 amounted to $12.2 bln (11.8% of the total volume of Ukraine), which decreased by 8% due to the pandemic. But the surplus increased by 26% compared to last year and amounted to $2,957.9 mln. The export coverage ratio of imports was 1.6 (in 2019 – 1.4).

Export of goods from Dnipropetrovsk region to the world’s countries amounted to $7.6 bln (15.4% out of Ukraine’s export volume). This is the first indicator among the regions of Ukraine.

The largest share (93.2%) in the export of goods belongs to industrial products. The region exported more than a quarter of Ukraine’s industrial products worth $7.1 bln. The largest share of exports was made up of ferrous metals and products thereof 44.9% ($3.4 bln), as well as ores and slag 37.6% ($2.9 bln). It should be noted that the share of these products in Ukrainian export amounted to 37.7% and 53.6%, respectively.

Agricultural and food industry products with a share of 6.2% were exported in the amount of $471.18 mln. At the same time, construction products (0.6%) worth $46.6 mln.

The export volumes of certain products types have significantly increased:

  • cotton wool almost by 3 times ($2.9 mln);
  • soap, organic surfactants by 2.3 times ($10.5 mln);
  • aluminum and its products almost by 84% ($4 mln);
  • textile products by 55% ($2 mln);
  • glass products by 36% ($27.8 mln)

China became the leader among consumers of Ukrainian goods. Exports to this country have increased by 2.2 times compared to the 2019 and amounted to $2.2 bln, which is almost 30% of the total export from the region. It should be noted that the foreign trade turnover amounted to $3.1 bln and exports exceeded imports by 2.3 times.

Poland took the second place among the world consumers of the region’s products. Exports to this country decreased by 13.2% compared to the last year, but still occupies a leading position and amounted to $531.9 mln. Russian Federation ranks third among the world consumers of the region’s products. Exports to the Russian Federation with negative dynamics for several years in a row, decreased by 24.7% in 2020 and amounted to $404.7 mln.

The volume of goods exports to the following countries has significantly increased: Peru, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia.


Import of goods from the world’s countries in 2020 amounted $4.6 bln (8.6% out of Ukraine’s imports) and decreased compared to last year by 16.7%.

The largest share (86.6%) in the goods import is occupied by industrial products in the amount of $4 bln.

Agricultural and food industry products with a share of 11.7% were imported in the amount of $541.5 mln. While construction products (2.2%) worth $104.1 mln.

Compared to the corresponding period of last year, the volumes of imports, primarily of goods from the food industry, increased significantly, in particular:

  • milk and dairy products by 88% ($52.1 mln)
  • edible fruits and nuts by 37% ($47.3 mln)
  • vegetables by 50.7% ($16.5 mln)
  • tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes – by 2 times ($10.6 mln);

Among the countries of the world, which products were most imported by the Dnipropetrovsk region, China is leading with negative dynamics (decrease by 10%) with a volume of $934  mln. The second place was taken by the Russian Federation, the import of goods from which decreased by 40% compared to the corresponding period of 2019 and amounted to $758.8 mln. In third place is Germany. Imports amounted to $316.2 mln and decreased by 12.7% compared to the corresponding period.

Import has more than doubled from the following countries: Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Latvia, Kenya, Qatar.

Foreign trade operations were carried out with partners from 172 countries of the world.