Dnіpropetrovsk region took the first place among the regions of Ukraine by foreign direct investments level in 2019

The volume of the foreign direct investments attracted from the beginning of investing in the economy of the region as of 31.12.2019 is $3,797.6 mln. According to this indicator the region has been leading among the regions of Ukraine for 10 years.

Investments in the regional economy came from 59 countries of the world. 88.3% ($3346.3 mln) of the total amount of foreign direct investment was allocated from the EU countries.

Major investor countries:

  • Cyprus – $1513.9 mln (39.9% of the total volume of direct investments in the region). Areas of investment: mining and processing industry, real estate transactions, wholesale and retail trade, transport;
  • Netherlands – $854.6 mln (22.5%). Areas of investment: mining and processing industry, transport;
  • Germany – $676.1 mln (17.8%). Areas of investment: mining industry, transport, real estate operations;
  • Virgin Islands (Brit.) – $195.5 mln (5.1%). Areas of investment: processing industry, wholesale and retail trade, real estate operations, professional, scientific and technical activities;
  • Austria – $106.2 mln (2.8%). Areas of investment: processing industry, real estate operations, wholesale and retail trade, administrative and support services activities;
  • Other countries ̶ $451.3 mln (11.9%).

By types of economic activities the biggest volume of direct investments was intended to industry – $2405 mln (63.3% of the total volume), of which $1374.5 mln was directed to the processing industry and $953.9 mln to the extractive industry. 

The second place by the volume of investments is occupied by services – $1340.1 mln (35.3%). Most investments are directed to wholesale and retail trade ̶ ̶ $556.6 miln, real estate operations ̶ $459.9 mln and administrative and support services ̶ $149.4 mln.

Investments in agriculture and construction, which amounted to $23 mln (0.6%) and $29.5 mln (0.8%) respectively, are almost at the same level.

In 2019, foreign investors invested $52.8 mln in the economy of Dnipropetrovsk region, which is 38% more than last year.

The volume of direct investments (equity capital) from the region into the world economy amounted to $20.7 mln at the end of 2019.