Dnipropetrovsk region took the first place among the regions of Ukraine in terms of capital investments

In the first half of 2019, almost $1.1 bln was invested in Dnipropetrovsk region, which allowed the region to retain the first place in in the capital investment rating among the regions of Ukraine. The volume of investments in the region increased by 20% compared to the corresponding period of the last year.

In the structure of capital investments of the region, the majority of them make up the enterprises’ own funds – $ 950.7 mln (86.3%). It should be noted that compared to the corresponding period of 2018, capital investment of enterprises increased by 19.6%.

The volume of capital investments at the expense of credit resources amounted to $ 36.8 mln.

The largest share of capital investments (61.8%) was made in the industrial sector of the region’s economy and amounted to $ 681.3 mln, the majority of which was invested in the extractive industry ($290.6 mln) and processing industry ($345.7 mln).

The services sector is in the second place (33%). Capital investments in this sector of the economy amounted to $ 363.7 mln. Most of them were invested in real estate operations – $ 112.8 mln, wholesale and retail trade – $ 86.4 mln and transport$ 45.9 mln.

The agricultural sector is in third place (3.3%). Capital investments amounted to $35.9 mln.

The fourth place is occupied by the construction sector (1.9%). $ 20.8 mln of capital investments were invested in this sector of economy.

It should be noted that the largest amount of capital investments was invested in tangible assets (99%) – $ 1090.6 mln:

  • machinery and equipment – $441.3 mln (40.1%);
  • engineering structures – $ 273.87 mln (24.8%);
  • non-residential buildings – $ 218.8 mln (19.9%);
  • transport facilities – $ 116.6 mln (10.6%)
  • residential buildings – $ 11.9 mln (1.1%);
  • land – $ 3.8 mln (0.3%).

Investments in intangible assets accounted for only 1.0% of the total amount of capital investments – $ 11 mln, of which $ 8.3 mln was invested in IT, commercial property rights, industrial property rights, law of copyright and allied rights, patents, licenses, concessions – $ 1.6 mln.