“Germany is our strategic partner. GIZ is the most loyal friend and guide in many projects” – Glib Prigunov said

The cooperation between Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and Germany continues. Today at the official meeting the parties discussed the results of the implemented projects in 2017 and planned work for current year. The main areas of cooperation, as always, were highlighted programs of energy efficiency, green economy, IDPs housing assistance, their career guidance, agribusiness, research scientific work, development of civil society and independent media. Now one of the priorities is the substantial support of the united territorial communities.

“The German governmental company GIZ has been implementing 40 programs in Ukraine since 2014. They are reconstructing houses for IDP, modernizing kindergartens and schools, providing social and psychological support to people affected by emergencies. This is only a small part of the provided assistance, which we really appreciate. We will continue to help attract German experts to implement new projects,” – Glib Prigunov said.

During 2014-2016, total support was more than EUR 800 mln in loans and grants. This figure was named in the Embassy of Germany. Another EUR 700 mln were provided last year. Wolfgang Mössinger, the Consul General of Germany assured that the budget for this year will soon be agreed with the German government:

“Despite the fact that now the German authorities are at a formative stage, funds for assistance to Ukraine will be fully allocated. The main thing in our strategy is to help Ukraine become a European country, in ecology, economy and social spheres”.

After the volumes of the allocated funds are known, the volumes of the current aid will immediately become clear.

Source: www.oblrada.dp.gov.ua