Government exempts from VAT and import duties spare parts and components for the manufacture of electric generators, as well as satellite Internet equipment

The Government has amended the list of goods that are supplied to the territory of Ukraine without paying customs duties and VAT. This decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on November 29, 2022.

The tax benefits include components for the manufacture of energy equipment, water treatment facilities and satellite communications to the Internet (Starlink).

“First, the Government has released imports of generators and energy equipment from customs duties and VAT. This decision makes such products cheaper by about 25%. Today we are making another step. To ensure that Ukrainian producers who assemble such products in Ukraine do not find themselves at a disadvantage, the Government has additionally exempted spare parts for the assembly of generators and power equipment from VAT and customs duties. Thus, the products manufactured in the domestic market will become about a quarter cheaper,” explained First Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Denys Kudin.

Earlier, the Government expanded the list of imported goods that will be imported to Ukraine without paying import duties and VAT – it is the equipment that should help the country to survive the energy crisis: generators, batteries, etc