Investment activity in Dnipropetrovsk region in 2021

According to the results of 2021, the volume of foreign direct investment cumulatively increased by 12.2% and amounted to $5,307.2 mln. This amounted to 12% of the all-Ukrainian figure.

The largest share of foreign direct investment is directed to the industrial sector of the region’s economy – $3721.6 mln (70.1% of the total). Of which $1631.8 mln was sent to the processing industry and $1993.2 mln to the mining industry. The volume of foreign direct investment in the industrial sector increased by 10% compared to last year.

The second place is occupied by the sector of wholesale and retail trade, with the volume of foreign investments – $889.9 mln (16.8%). The growth for the year is 29.3%.

$663.9 mln (12.5%) was invested in the services sector. The largest share of investments is directed to real estate transactions – $431.3 miln and transport and warehousing – $121.6 mln.

$22.2 mln (0.4%) was invested in the agro-industrial sector and $9.6 mln (0.2%) in construction.

Foreign investment in the region’s economy came from 58 countries. The traditional investment leaders are the EU countries, which have invested in the region’s economy 93.9% of total foreign investment – $4983.1 mln.

Major investor countries:

  • Cyprus – $2318.9 mln (43.7% of the total foreign direct investment of the region);
  • The Netherlands – $1,766.1 mln (33.3%);
  • Germany – $727.2 mln (13.7%);
  • Virgin Islands (British) – $117.9 mln (2.2%);
  • Switzerland – $42.8 mln (0.8%);
  • other countries – $334.3 mln (6.3%).

During 2021, $110.6 mln of direct investments were invested in the economy of Dnipropetrovsk region by foreign investors. This amounted to 9.3% of the all-Ukrainian figure.