Investment in land has an annual return of up to 25%

Despite the war, investments in land continue. Since the opening of registers and access to transactions, investors who see the feasibility of investing in land continue to do so.

“Everyone understands that in wartime the country’s ratings decrease, so investors are guided by data from rating agencies. So there are some adjustments to land as a very attractive asset in the form of risks associated with hostilities. But any crisis is not only losses, but also the search for opportunities. Now it is important in which region the land is located, how legally it is properly registered, and taking into account these factors, you can look at its value. Personally, I did not withdraw land from my investment portfolio,” – believes financial expert Oleksiy Kozyrev.

According to the commercial director of “Tvoye kolo” Yehor Lisnychy, the hostilities showed that land is an extremely stable asset from the point of view of conservation. Even if there were some impacts, their consequences are quickly eliminated, and the plot of land again becomes suitable for cultivation. And this is precisely the great advantage of land as an investment asset compared to classic real estate. Also, if we evaluate the interest received from investments in land, now they are twice as high as in classical real estate. Estimated annual return is up to 25%.