Kallanish EU Steel Markets 2022

The 5th Annual Kallanish Europe Steel Markets 2022 Conference will take place on May 30 in Milan, Italy. Kallanish Commodities Consulting is the organizer of the conference.

During the Kallanish Europe Steel Markets 2022 hybrid conference steel industry participants, analysts and representatives from end-using sectors will debate the medium and long-term outlook for the European steel market in the context of current economic and geopolitical shocks.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Russia-Ukraine war and sanctions impact;
  • Trade shock and shifting trade flows;
  • Rocketing energy costs on production;
  • Iron ore and steel scrap price trajectories;
  • CBAM and safeguard measures impacts on markets;
  • Hydrogen steel-making and new breakthrough technologies;
  • European decarbonisation strategies on track or delayed;
  • Demand patterns in major steel using sectors;
  • Restart of EU–US trade relations.

Leaders and top managers of the world’s largest steel companies are invited to join the event: ArcelorMittal, UK Steel, Durferco and Tata Steel.

GMK Center chief analyst Andriy Tarasenko will report at the event on the current situation in the Ukrainian steel industry, consequences of the blockade of Black Sea ports and the prospects of new logistics chains for Ukraine.

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You can register for the event at the following link.

Source: www.gmk.center