KSG Agro launches oilseeds processing with further export

Agroholding KSG Agro starts to process on commission rapeseed and sunflower in Ukraine and bring the oil to the consumer directly to the EU.

KSG Agro CEO Serhiy Kasianov told in an interview to the Canadian broadcaster CBC.

“Our military realities are pushing us to find new strategic solutions. Yes, we decided that rapeseed and sunflower will go for processing, because selling such products abroad in the form of the same vegetable oil, ready for consumption at a better price is more likely than just sunflower seeds,” – said the chairman of the Board of Directors of KSG Agro.

According to Serhiy Kasianov, KSG Agro has already signed a contract with an oil refinery in Ukraine. Negotiations are now under way with European partners to refine the oil, its packaging in PET bottles in the EU for further sale in the EU and elsewhere in the world.

In order to solve the problem of oil transportation to the EU, KSG Agro has already purchased flexitanks from Turkey, which will allow to transport up to 22-24 tons of oil in ordinary trucks.

Source: www.latifundist.com