“Luxembourg will be with Ukraine as long as the Russian war continues”

In Luxembourg, they were shocked by what the terrorist country – Russia is doing today in Ukraine, unleashing aggression against a sovereign state in the center of Europe and those victims, among children and the civilian population. Therefore, the Government of Luxembourg provides significant assistance to our country – defense, political, humanitarian, financial and supports all restrictive measures introduced by the European Union against the terrorist country of Russia.

In the capital of the country, Luxembourg, on Place de Clairefontaine, the largest association of Ukrainians held a rally dedicated to the children of Ukraine who suffered as a result of the war. Parents and children walked through the city center to remind Europeans that the terror against Ukrainian cities, people – adults and children – continues, and the war is not over yet. Those present were dressed in white to show the thirst for freedom and the tenderness of children’s hearts, and bright colors as a symbol of lost dreams.

More than 6.7 thousand citizens of Ukraine received the status of temporary protection on the territory of the country, which was extended until March 2024 by the decision of the EU. Luxembourg allocated €100 million for the reception of refugees at the national level.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, visited Ukraine and visited Borodyanka, where the Russians committed mass atrocities during the occupation. “Arrived in Kyiv. This is a demonstration of Luxembourg’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine. As long as the Russian war continues, Luxembourg will be with Ukraine,” Bettel wrote.

Luxembourg has frozen €5.5 billion of assets of individuals and legal entities of the terrorist country, which is about a third of all Russian assets blocked on the territory of the European Union. In addition, an employee of the Russian embassy in the country’s capital, Luxembourg, was declared persona non grata, because his activities contradicted the country’s security interests.

Against the backdrop of the war, Luxembourg provided €250 million in financial aid to Ukraine to resist Russian aggression.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Luxembourg has provided €3 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as well as supplying 50 tons of medical and firefighting equipment, and an additional €1 million in humanitarian aid for child protection and demining.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine received specialized medical assistance vehicles from the Association of Ukrainians in Luxembourg LUkraine. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, LUkraine has already sent 14 ambulances and two fire trucks, as well as 900 tons of humanitarian aid.

Luxembourg took an unprecedented step by supporting Ukraine with military equipment worth €75 million. This is 15% of the country’s defense budget for 2022. 102 NLAW anti-tank systems, seven Jeep Wranglers were provided; 28 HMMWV armored vehicles and 20 12.7 mm machine guns for them, 18 generators, 5 thousand helmets, body armor and other equipment.

Luxembourg handed over Primoco One 150 drones to the Armed Forces. They were purchased as part of military aid to the Ukrainian military after the invasion of the Russian Federation. The Luxembourg army also participates in the EU EUMAM Ukraine training mission, which will train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

Luxembourg remains an important trading partner of Dnipropetrovsk region. A bilateral analysis of external activities testifies to the growing level of partnership relations.

The volume of export of goods from Dnipropetrovsk region increased by 2 times and amounted to $8.74 million, which is 55.5% of the volume of the indicator of Ukraine. Luxembourg’s enterprises mostly buy ferrous metals and their products, plastics and polymer materials, parts for railway locomotives, etc.

7 enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region exported their products to the Luxembourg market, these are enterprises of the processing industry and the metallurgical complex.

By volume of exported products, the TOP-5 exporting enterprises include the following:

The import of goods from Luxembourg to Dnipropetrovsk region increased by 62% and amounted to $3.38 million. The share of the region in the import of Ukrainian goods from Luxembourg exceeds 16%. 21 importing enterprises of the region mostly bought the following goods: machines and equipment, tools and knife products, ferrous metals and their products, essential oils, etc.

The following importers entered the TOP-5 by the volume of imported products:

Import operations were mainly carried out by enterprises of the processing industry, metallurgical complex and machine building.

Source: information for the preparation of the article was taken from open online sources and the website of the Main Department of Statistics in Dnipropetrovsk region.