Ukraine has five emergency recovery priorities for $17 bln in 2023

Energy, housing, demining, critical social infrastructure and assistance to private businesses are the top five priorities for Ukraine’s emergency recovery in 2023, for which $17 billion

The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 348

russian troops continue to shell the border areas of the Chernihiv and Sumy regions from mortars, more than 30 hits were recorded on January 30. In

Increasing yields and combating the climate crisis – how is agroecology helping British farmers make business sustainable?

The annual Oxford Real Farming Conference 2023 was held in the UK, focusing on the agribusiness sector. Along with traditional challenges like yields, raising healthy livestock,

Global production of pig iron in 2022 decreased by 3% y/y

During the year, 1.39 billion tons of pig iron were produced, 1.28 billion tons of them were produced by the blast furnace method and 110.5 million

Ireland is in favor of strengthening sanctions against the Russian Federation and providing shelter to Ukrainian refugees

Ireland supports Ukraine. Since the beginning of the military aggression of the terrorist country Russia against Ukraine, Ireland has accepted more than 65 thousand Ukrainian refugees,

Ukraine and the EU conclude two agreements following joint consultations between the Government and the European Commission

The Ukrainian side continues a policy of pursuing European integration reforms to ensure the fastest possible progress toward EU membership. Ukraine’s efforts were commended by the