On new logistics rails. Export of agricultural products in infographics

With the beginning of the war, Ukraine faced the problem of exporting agricultural products. Virtually all the grain and oil that used to be exported by sea were blocked. To restore exports, all possible logistics routes were involved: railways, river ports and road transport. Thus, during the 5.5 months of Russia’s war against Ukraine, almost 10 million tons of agricultural products were exported.

Exports from March to July inclusive increased by 89% — from 331,000 tons to almost 3 million tons. Export leaders: corn — 48.9%, sunflower seeds — 17.25%, sunflower oil — 11.89%.

The export situation improved significantly after the ports were unblocked. Thus, in the first two weeks of August, Ukraine already exported almost 2 million tons of grain, while for the whole of July — 3 million tons.

In the 22 days since the start of the “Grain Corridor” operation, 33 ships have left Ukrainian seaports with a total of 719,549 tons of agricultural products on board. Also, another 18 ships are being loaded and are waiting for their turn to leave.

The leader for the current five months of total exports is corn with a volume of 3.849 million tons.

The second position in terms of volume in this same period is occupied by sunflower seeds — 1.357 million tons. This is as much as 99.4% more than in 2021.

But during this time, Ukraine exported 48% less oil than last year — 935,731 tons.

The export of products in terms of their transportation is as follows: more than 3.5 million tons of agricultural products were exported through ports, 3.119 million tons by rail, 1.095 million tons by car, and 95,540 thousand tons by ferry.

Source: https://agroportal.ua/