ORIL-EKO Ltd, organic berries producer in the Dnipropetrovsk region, invests in its own production

In 2019 ORIL-EKO Ltd plans to build a complex for freezing berries, with a capacity of 5 tons per day and to expand the strawberry plantation almost 6 times.

This year, ORIL-EKO Ltd will freeze products from other berries manufacturers, and from 2020 it will completely switch to its own production.

The company is engaged in organic berry growing and is one of the largest berries producers in Ukraine. The company’s land bank includes 25 hectares of organic raspberries and 2 hectares of common garden strawberries. At the same time, raspberry has the certificate “Organic standard“. In 2018, the yield of this berry was at the level of 2 tons / ha.

The farm also grows other products: nuts, cucurbits, spicy, aromatic and medicinal crops

Source: AgroPortal materials