Poland and Ukraine will build an oil pipeline

Poland and Ukraine plan to jointly implement a project on the construction of a cross-border pipeline that would allow transporting Ukrainian vegetable oil to the Polish port of Gdansk.

This was reported by the Prime Minister’s Office, wnp.pl writes.

It is noted that both countries will form a working group that will provide options for the localization of the project, primarily the place of laying the pipeline, and technical parameters and construction conditions.

“The Council of Ministers (of Poland) approved the submission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding… regarding the development of a cross-border pipeline project for the transportation of vegetable oil from Ukraine to the port of Gdansk,” the message reads.

The ministries of agriculture and infrastructure of Ukraine and Poland will be involved in the project.

“Implementation of the memorandum will contribute to the partial unblocking of Ukrainian exports and will strengthen food security in developing countries that are threatened by hunger. Accordingly, this should reduce the migratory pressure on Europe,” the message states.

The memorandum will be adopted for a period of three years and will be automatically extended for a similar period.

Source: https://agroportal.ua/