Renewable Energy Forum

On May 18 hosted by fDi Intelligence, the Renewable Energy Forum will bring together leading renewable energy producers, financiers, and investment promotion agencies to discuss the role of foreign direct investment in the shift to renewable and sustainable energy resources. IPAs, cities, governments, and international jurisdictions will review opportunities for making long-term investments in renewable energy projects and their positive outcomes, whilst assessing the scope for meeting ESG expectations for investors.

The sector is maturing at pace, with growing pools of capital injected into ambitious projects, in which solar and wind energy are used to produce hydrogen and other gases. Overall, FDI in the sector had another strong year in 2021, mobilising six times as much capital as the oil and gas sector as oil firms swap hydrocarbons for green assets to meet net-zero targets.

Industry leaders from across the FDI and clean energy value chain will meet to discuss how IPAs can shift their focus to increasing sustainable investments in renewable technologies within their jurisdictions. The digital event will also examine how the energy transition is changing the dynamics of the global investment landscape, and which clean energy technologies offer the greatest opportunities for both jurisdictions and investors amidst a competitive market for sustainable assets.

 It is worth to be attended in order to:

  • UNDERSTAND how we can accelerate the global transition to clean energy, whilst securing strategic partnerships and managing regulatory challenges;
  • CONNECT with investment promotion agencies, distinguished government representatives, and the world’s leading energy companies, banks, consultants, and lawyers;
  • DISCOVER the most promising opportunities offered by clean energy technologies, and understand how project risk can be navigated.

Key discussion topics

  • Attracting and retaining private capital to expedite the green transition and achievement of sustainable development goals
  • Navigating regulatory challenges and unpredictable FDI flows for renewables in an increasingly competitive landscape
  • Foregrounding alternative renewable energy sources and establishing R&D incentive schemes
  • Onboarding innovation and exploring the role of big tech in reshaping the renewables market

Details and registration at the link