Research on the state and needs of Ukrainian business in martial law is launched

The Center for Innovations Development, Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, national project Diia.Business together with Advanter Group in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Community and Territorial Development, with the Coalition of Business Communities for Modernization Ukraine and with the support of the European Union within the Initiative for Economic Recovery, Entrepreneurship Development and Exports of Ukraine conduct the research on the state and needs of Ukrainian business.

The first stage of the research will be to conduct a survey among representatives of business, local communities and regional state/military administrations on the state of play and needs of Ukrainian business.

How to take part in the survey?

  1. If you are a business owner or top-manager , you can take part in the survey on the state of play and needs at the link (until 04.06.2022 included). Your answers will infulence the actions of governments at all levels, donors to restore the economy, business development, exports. Benefit also from working with the Initiative (see below)!
  2. Separate official invitations to take part in the survey have been sent by e-mail to leaders of communities and Regional Military Administration/Regional State Administration.

Note: You are invuted distribute the questionnaire to representatives of the business community.

How to join the research and other projects of the Initiative?

The Initiative for Economic Recovery, Entrepreneurship Development and Exports of Ukraine conducts research together with the Advanter Group, which will process the collected data and take into account the experience of 1-5 waves of business research. Then a study of the state and needs of Ukrainian business will be prepared jointly by all partners of the Initiative. All stakeholders can participate in the development of this and subsequent research within the Initiative: representatives of CEBs, local authorities (military administrations during martial law), local self-government (including local communities), business and professional associations, NGOs, universities, international partners, media, business clusters and other experts.

Advantages of cooperation within the Initiative:

  • the opportunity to be the first to receive presentations of survey results  and research on the basis of data sources available to participants of the Initiative;
  • involvement in the development of analytics, tools for economic recovery, necessary solutions for local communities/regions, the financial and loans sector, donors, relevant national authorities, working groups;
  • obtaining consulting support from the organisers of the Big Data Initiative of the Economic Profile ;
  • step-by-step instructions on the development of export activities from the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office and the national project Diia.Business.

Also, the project “Russia Will Pay” initiated by the KSE Institute and a number of partner organizations together with RebuildUA developed a questionnaire for entrepreneurs which will help the Government to assess direct material losses caused by the war. If this is relevant for your business, please fill out the questionnaire at the link.

If you have additional questions or suggestions, please, write to .

Learn more about the Initiative here