Simplified registration of construction objects in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has simplified registration of the readiness of a construction object for operation. The process will take one day instead of ten and will be online.

This, in turn, will contribute to improving the business climate in Ukraine and raising its position in the Doing Business rating of the ease of doing business under the component “Obtaining Construction Permits”.

The order of operation of the electronic cabinet will be developed by the Ministry of Regional Development.

Now Ukraine is one of the leaders in growth rates in Doing Business among 190 countries. In the overall ranking of our country takes 71st place. And in terms of “Obtaining construction permits” indicator Ukraine improved its position from 140th to 30th place in 2 years.

Considering the Doing Business Regional Rating, we can look at the positions of regions within Ukraine. The map shows in which regions of Ukraine it is easier and more difficult to conduct business. The more points the region received, the better its result according to the indicated criterion and the darker the color it shows on the map. Dnipropetrovsk region entered the top 10 regions for business.

According to World Bank experts, one point in the overall Doing Business ranking gives you an opportunity to additionally attract about $ 600 million to the country’s economy.

For the information. Doing Business characterizes the state of the investment climate in 190 world countries. This is the result of an annual survey that assesses the ease of doing business. The World Bank calculates this index since 2003 on such criteria as the ease of starting a new business, obtaining building permits, registering property, getting a loan, protecting investors’ rights, paying taxes, and more.

Based on Government portal