Since the beginning of the war, 8 Ukrainian producers of dairy products have entered the EU market

Ukrainian producers of dairy products are increasing the export of products.

“The need to boost exports, which analysts have stated in reports and in conversations with colleagues, is now confirmed by numbers. It is very gratifying that the market operators managed to establish export channels in such difficult conditions… Statistical data show that in addition to traditional export positions, there are successes even in increasing cheese exports to the EU,” said Maksym Fasteev, a partner in Infagro projects.

According to the expert, in 2022, 12 enterprises received permission to export to the EU, eight of them managed to use this status already after the start of a full-scale war. There are other companies that plan to do this before the end of the year.

“Nevertheless, the negative point is clearly the fall in consumer sentiment caused by inflation and migration processes caused by the war. According to fresh calculations of the balance for autumn, analysts predict the continuation of the situation of “surplus” of raw materials, which requires constant high rates of foreign sales, which have been observed in recent months. This factor will also be decisive in the process of pricing on the raw materials market,” Maksym Fasteev predicts.