Сlusettercolabration.eu – a new European platform to help Ukrainians during the war

The European platform Сlusettercolabration.eu, created to help our country during the war, is a universal online hub where requests from Ukrainian business support organizations, city administrations, volunteer organizations and humanitarian headquarters can be posted, searching for necessary raw materials for manufacturing products.

In a separate section is given the direction of logistics, which allows you to create opportunities for the delivery of goods to their destination.

Rules for posting requests: Users can post requests for humanitarian aid on their own or contact the moderator of the “forum” and submit requests in any form.

To self-publish your requests online, follow this link.

On March 13, 2022 the Ukrainian CCI Export Coordination Center and its experts started cooperation with the new platform.

Therefore, for any clarifications on the work with Сlustercollaboration.eu or to place your request for humanitarian assistance in the network please contact Olga Shubina – 0506434344, soo-ird@ucci.org.ua.

Source: www.cci.dp.ua