The EU summit instructed the Commission to support Ukraine’s food security and agriculture

This should stimulate domestic production to reduce the risk of food insecurity

The European Council adopted a decision instructing the European Commission to support Ukraine’s food security and agriculture.

This is stated in the conclusions of the European Council, which were approved following a meeting held on 24-25 March in Brussels.

“The European Council invites the Commission, in coordination with international partners, to give priority to work on global food security and accessibility, in particular by supporting food security and agriculture in Ukraine and the most vulnerable and vulnerable third countries,” the conclusions said.

The Council is convinced that this will be “the main goal of the FARM initiative (Mission for Food and Agricultural Sustainability)”.

“This multilateral work should ensure the efficient functioning of markets and stimulate local production to reduce the risk of food insecurity. The integrity of food supply chains must be preserved,” said EU leaders.

We will remind, after military invasion of the territory of Russia of the territory of Ukraine food security of the countries-importers of the Ukrainian agricultural products is under threat.

As previously reported, the European Commission has allowed farmers to increase sown areas using fallow land (land that has not been plowed for more than a year) due to the threat of global grain shortages due to the war in Ukraine.

According to First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Vysotsky, Ukraine has enough food stocks for domestic consumption.