The ideas project contest in the field of sustainable development in Dnipropetrovsk region

Collaborative project of the Government of Sweden and the United Nations Development Program “Enhanced Partnership for Sustainable Development” announces project ideas contest for Sustainable Development.

In the context of the project is planned to support multilateral partnerships between:

  • authorities or local government bodies;
  • educational institutions;
  • enterprises;
  • public organizations;
  • non-profit non-governmental organizations or institutions.

At least two sectors of three possible (government, business and public organizations) should be represented as members of the partnership, including at least one non-profit non-governmental organization or institution.

The amount of the grant that can be provided within the framework of the Project implementation for the proposed idea will be from $ 20 to $ 50 thousand. The co-financing from the applicant and his partners should be at least 50% of the total budget of the project and expressed in financial equivalents.

The implementation of all proposed partnership projects must be completed by May 2020.

Priority areas of support:

  • sustainable mobility;
  • improving energy efficiency;
  • effective waste management;
  • stimulation of local economic development.

Project objectives:

  • to build functional partnership platforms for initiating and implementing sustainable development processes;
  • Support initiatives at the local level aimed at solving urgent problems, conciderating the integrated approach to sustainable development and strong institutional cooperation which is based on the SymbioCity concept *.

Expected results.

The project will support and implement five most interesting and promising initiatives aimed at solving sustainable development issues and developed in a multilateral partnership.

Documents for participation in the contest:

The deadline for submitting a project proposal (idea) is 31 May 2019 to 18:00.

The full information on the terms and conditions for participation in the contest is available at the link.


*SimbioCity is an approach to promoting sustainable development at the local level, which was developed and first introduced by the Government of Sweden. SimbioCity views urban and rural communities as living systems, seeking to combine the various elements of society’s life (food, transport, energy, waste) into a closed loop, in order to prevent the depletion of land and natural resources.

**Sustainable mobility is mobility in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Sustainable mobility include the provision of services and the creation of an infrastructure for the movement of people and goods. It includes efficient and sustainable transportation systems. Transport contributes to the development of territories, unites people and local communities with the rest of the world, forms markets and facilitates trade.