The International Criminal Court will begin investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine

An advanced group of the International Criminal Court in The Hague left for Ukraine on Thursday, March 3, to begin an investigation into Russia’s war crimes committed on Ukrainian territory.

This was in an interview with Reuters, Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan.

The group left hours after Karim Khan announced he would begin gathering evidence as part of a formal investigation of Russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine on February 24.

Khan said he would launch an investigation following a lawsuit by 39 member states over Russia’s barbaric invasion into Ukraine.

The International Criminal Court has been investigating Ukrainian events for several years. Investigation of any previous or current allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide committed in any part of Ukraine by any person.

A key event took place in 2020: the ICC Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction to consider the merits of a war crimes case in Ukraine.

Kyiv also recently sent evidence of crimes against cultural heritage in the occupied Crimea to the ICC.