The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 171

In Dnipropetrovsk region, the enemy fired cluster munitions at the border areas of Zelenodolska and Apostolivska communities. Also from the direction of Energodar the city of Nikopol was covered with fire. As a result of the shelling, high-rise buildings, private houses, farm buildings, and motor vehicles were damaged.

The enemy shelled the civilian infrastructure of Kharkiv. As a result of a rocket hitting the ground in the Novobavar district, another educational institution was partially destroyed – the facade and windows of the college were damaged. According to preliminary data, the shelling was carried out from the S-300 missile system. Fragments of a 5B55 anti-aircraft guided missile were found on the ground.

The Russian occupiers once again struck Mykolaiv region. As a result of the strikes, the Russian aggressor damaged residential buildings and agricultural buildings.

In Donetsk region, houses and production facilities were hit in 11 settlements. The enemy hit the civilian population with aviation, Iskander-9M723 missiles, Grad, Uragan, Smerch rocket systems, and artillery. 101 objects were destroyed and damaged – 94 residential buildings, a kindergarten, a school in the village Sribne, two factories, etc.

The enemy once again targeted infrastructure facilities in the city of Zaporizhia. Settlements of Zaporizhzhya and Pologiv districts also came under the fire of the occupiers. As a result of the armed attack, there are dead and wounded. The previous evening, around 7 p.m., the occupiers launched several rocket attacks on infrastructure facilities in the city of Zaporizhia. As a result, the territory of two enterprises in the Shevchenkiv district was damaged. Several cars were gutted by rocket fragments. In addition, enemy shells hit the outskirts of the city – the villages of Baburka and Rozumivka of Zaporizhzhya district.

Photo materials are taken from the official information resources of the State Emergency Service and the National Police of Ukraine.