The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 177

Regular attacks on Mykolaiv and the region – the police fixes the consequences of shelling by the Russian troops.
Tonight, the Russian army once again struck at the regional center. It is known about the second hit in the building of a higher educational institution, residential buildings were damaged. Detailed information about the damage and casualties is being specified.
Sumy region: Police officers continue to document the consequences of enemy shelling by Russian troops.
The Russian army fired on Myropillya, Pavlivka and Obody. As a result, the roof of a private house, a non-residential building and a school building were damaged. The police recorded 35 hits. Previously, Russian troops fired from cannon artillery and mortars.
In Zaporizhzhia, the police documented 34 facts of violation of the customs of war
Over the past day, the city of Zaporizhzhia and six settlements of the region came under enemy fire from the invaders. The Russian military shelled residential buildings of citizens, and critical and civilian infrastructure facilities were also damaged.
The police document the aftermath of the shelling by Russian troops of the city of Kharkiv.
The Kyivsky, Osnovyansky and Nemyshlyansky regions fell under the blow of the Russian army. Information about the victims is being specified.
The report about the shelling of the city was received by the police on August 19. As a result of shells hit, the building of one of the institutions of higher education, a civil enterprise was destroyed, and rockets also hit private houses.
Dnipropetrovsk region: police record the consequences of shelling of the Russian army on civilians
Tonight, August 19, the invaders hit three districts of the Dnepropetrovsk region several times: Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol and Synelnykove district. There are affected citizens.
From the side of Vodyany Zaporizhzhia region, the enemy covered the center of the city of Nikopol with cannon artillery fire. As a result of the shelling, the buildings of the school, bank, shops, the palace of solemn events, an administrative building, and almost 20 high-rise buildings were damaged. One apartment burned to the ground.
Power lines damaged.
From multiple launch rocket systems “Hurricane” and cannon artillery, the enemy hit two communities of the Kryvyi Rih region – Apostolovska and Zelenodolsk.
Destruction affected the private houses of both communities, the gas pipeline and the power line.
Also at night, the enemy hit the Mezhivska territorial community of the Synelnykove district. The home was damaged.
In the morning, the invaders fired at the Velykomykhaylivska of Synelnykove district. Investigative-operational groups, explosives experts and employees of the State Emergency Service are working out the places of impact, inspecting the territories, collecting material evidence and documenting the consequences of enemy shelling.
Russian invaders destroyed two more educational institutions in the Donetsk region – the police are recording the consequences of the strikes.
During the day, the enemy fired at the civilian population 24 times, killed and wounded. Destroyed and damaged houses, college and engineering academy.
27 civilian objects were destroyed – 16 houses, a store, two educational institutions, household buildings, cars of citizens.
Kherson region: police opened 19 war crime proceedings of the Russian army in a day
The enemy fired heavy artillery at the Beryslav region. There are dead and wounded.
The villages of Novovorontsovka and Vysokopillya, the villages of Koshove, Ivanivka and Osokorivka were under enemy fire, civilians were killed and wounded due to shells. In Novovorontsovka, almost the entire infrastructure was destroyed, not a single surviving pharmacy, shop or cafe remained, local houses are not suitable for living.
Photo materials are taken from the official information resources of the State Emergency Service, as well as the National Police of Ukraine