The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 191

During the day, Russian troops fired on Mykolaiv and 10 settlements in the region – the police are documenting the consequences of regular attacks.
Tonight, Russian troops delivered another blow to Kostyantynivka, Pershotravenska community. Information about damage and casualties is being specified.
The police are documenting the aftermath of shelling in the Kholodnogirsky district of Kharkiv.
As a result of the arrival, the buildings of the sports complex and cars were damaged. A funnel with a diameter of 8 meters and a depth of 4 meters formed on the ground. There were no casualties.
The Russian military launched several strikes on the Kholodnogirsky district of Kharkiv on September, 2.
Dnipropetrovsk region.
The police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of another shelling by the Russian army of the territory of the Nikopol district.
It is known about one victim. He is admitted to the hospital.
During the day, the occupying army carried out 24 attacks in the Donetsk region – the police are recording the consequences.
The enemy destroyed and damaged a kindergarten, agro-industrial warehouses, a recreation center and 15 residential buildings. Civilians killed and wounded.
The police opened 39 criminal proceedings on the facts of war crimes of the Russian army in the Kherson region.
On the territory of the Kherson region, heavy fighting continues, shelling does not stop for a minute. Over the past two days, the police opened 39 criminal proceedings on the facts of war crimes of the Russian army, the occupying troops hit civilian targets, peaceful villages of the Berislav region were under enemy fire. There are seriously wounded, rocket strikes destroyed private houses.
Kharkiv region: Chuguiv region suffers from shelling by occupiers – investigators have opened criminal proceedings.
A man was wounded from shelling by the Russian army. The victim was taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds and burns.
Photo materials are taken from the official information resources of the State Emergency Service, as well as the National Police of Ukraine