The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 299

The police of the Donetsk region documented 35 russian war crimes in a day.
The invaders attacked 13 settlements, killed and wounded civilians.
On the morning of December 12, russian troops attacked the border area of ​​the Sumy region with mortars.
In the Donetsk region last night, russian invaders fired on different sectors of the front, as a result of which civilians were injured.
Invaders of the russian federation fired at Kherson and suburban settlements, as a result of which a woman died and four people were injured.
In the Donetsk region, russian invaders fired on the entire front line on the night of December 13, the Youth Center was damaged, and the college building was completely burned out.
The enemy army shells the civilian infrastructure of the Zaporizhzhia region, an 83-year-old woman was killed.
Kramatorsk again fell under a powerful enemy attack, a shell hit the building of the Institute of Technology and Management. The consequences are being specified.
As a result of artillery fire from Russia on December 13, a fire station and a village club were damaged in the Esmanska community in the Sumy region.
A fragment of a kamikaze drone damaged two administrative buildings in the Shevchenkivsky district of the capital on December 14.
Russian troops shelled the Nikopol district of the Dnipropetrovsk region from “Grad”, “Uragan” and heavy artillery all night long. Nikopol and Manganets suffered.
In the Donetsk region, russian invaders shelled the center and north of the region at night and in the morning. Kurakhove was hit with an S-300.
As a result of the morning shelling of Kherson on December 14 by russian invaders, a storage room caught fire.
On December 14, the invaders fired at the building of the Kherson regional military administration from multiple launch rocket systems, damaging two floors.
On December 15, the enemy from “Grad” and heavy artillery fired at three communities of the Nikopol region. The alarm sounded for more than 14 hours.
During the day, the russian military shelled the territory of the Kherson region 86 times, three people were killed.
In the morning the enemy fired on the communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region, two people were wounded.
During the day on December 15, the russian invaders fired on the territory of the Kherson region 30 times, four people were killed.
During the day on December 16, russian invaders shelled the Kherson region 27 times, one person was killed, three were injured.
As a result of a missile hitting a residential building in the city of Kryvyi Rih, civilians were killed and injured: the police are documenting the consequences of enemy shelling.
On the morning of December 17, the russian military shelled Kherson, the man who was in the car died.
In the suburbs of Kherson, as a result of the shelling of the headquarters of humanitarian aid, a man was killed, two more were injured.
On the night of December 18, russian troops from heavy artillery shelled the Nikopol district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, as a result of which a man was wounded.
On Sunday, the occupiers again fired on the Kupiansky district: a hospital was damaged, a physician was injured.
The army of the russian federation shelled Orikhiv, located in the Zaporizhzhia region, for seven hours in a row.
the russian military delivered 26 strikes on the Glukhivska and Shalyginska communities of the Sumy region.