The UN has set up a commission to investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine

The Commission is set up for one year and is due to report orally to the Human Rights Council on its work in September 2022.

UN Human Rights Council President Federico Villegas has announced the creation of a commission to investigate war crimes and other abuses committed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the UN Human Rights Council.

The commission consists of three people – Erika Messe from Norway (chairman), Jasminka Dzumhur from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pablo de Greiff from Colombia.

The establishment of such a commission is provided by the resolution of the Human Rights Council (HRC) of March 4, 2022. The document says the RPL has decided to set up an independent international commission of inquiry consisting of three experts appointed by the president.

In particular, the Commission should “collect, summarize and analyze evidence of violations and abuses, including their gender dimension, and systematically record and store all information, documentation and evidence, including interviews, witness testimonies and forensic materials, in accordance with international law standards. , taking into account any future litigation ”.

The Commission has been established for one year and is to report orally to the RPL on its work in September 2022 and prepare a written report by March 2023, as well as report to the UN General Assembly.

  • Commission President Eric Messe is a judge and former chairman of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
  • Jasminka Dzumhur is a former judge and now ombudsman for human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Pablo de Greiff, former Adviser on International Justice and Director of the Transitional Justice Program at New York University.

Ukraine, the United States, Poland and other countries accuse Russia of committing war crimes in our country. Eyewitness accounts, photographs, videos and satellite images show targeted shelling of civilians and the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure.

The International Criminal Court, the OSCE and about ten countries have also launched an investigation into Russia’s war crimes.

Ukraine has approved a request to establish an international tribunal to hold the Russian leadership accountable for aggression and full-scale invasion.