Ukraine and Estonia agreed to start the implementation of a pilot project introducing electronic waybill (e-TTN) for road carriers.

The dialogue between the countries is focused on expanding cooperation on the digitalization of the transport sector of Ukraine, in particular, the involvement of Estonia in the Digital Management of Reconstruction and the pilot electronic waybill (e-TTN) for road carrier project. The implementation of the e-TTN project will also contribute to the development of the digital transport corridor between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. In the long-term perspective, this cooperation may become a part of EU efforts on the introduction of an electronic consignment note (e-CMR).

The involvement of Estonia in the e-TTN project will enable cargo carriers and consignees in Ukraine and Estonia to eliminate bureaucratic procedures and save funds. The Ministry has already started technical consultations on the implementation of a joint e-TTN. In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the State Border Guard Service and the State Customs Service are working on the implementation of the possibility of electronic queue reservation during border-crossings. In particular, it is planned to create a special website “Electronic border crossing queue” (E-queue).