Ukraine received $131 million from electricity exports in two weeks

Thanks to the export of electricity, our country is turning into a strategically important partner of the EU

In the first two weeks of September, Ukraine received $131 million from the export of electricity, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the chairman of the board of NEC Ukrenergo, reported on Facebook.

“Electricity exports set a trade record — $131 million in the first two weeks of September. “Ukrainian electricity took second place in the trade balance after traditionally large volumes of agricultural products – rapeseed and wheat,” wrote Kudrytskyi.

He noted that this result helped reduce the shortage of trade in goods and balance the interstate trade of Ukraine.

Kudrytsky stressed that thanks to electricity exports, our state is gradually turning into a strategically important EU partner. According to him, the purpose of Ukrenergo is to consolidate Ukraine as a guarantor of energy security of Eastern and Central Europe.

It was previously noted that the European operators of the transmission system agreed to a slight increase in the supply of Ukrainian electricity — from 250 MW to 300 MW during daytime and evening hours.