The European energy system ENTSO-E decided to officially start commercial exports of electricity from Ukraine to Europe on June 30 with an initial volume of 100 MW.

According to Ukrenergo, on June 27 the transmission system operators (TSOs) of continental Europe ENTSO-E confirmed that Ukrenergo together with operators of Romania, Slovakia and Hungary fulfilled all technical prerequisites for this.

Galushchenko noted that the volumes will increase gradually after the ENTSO-E monthly assessment of the impact on the European power system.

“Technically, our power system can already provide up to 1,690 MW of capacity for export. After the implementation of additional technical measures, the capacity for the sale of electricity abroad can increase to 4-5 GW,” said Minister of Energy German Galushchenko.

However, only crossings in the direction of Romania are allocated. The first auction for capacity allocation to Romania was held on June 28, with the delivery day on June 30.

According to his words, all generating companies will have equal access to electricity export trade. Galuschenko recalled that a gradual increase in electricity exports will provide the funds required to stabilize the financial condition of the energy market.