Ukrenergo resumes daily auctions for cross-border capacity allocation to Poland. This is the first auction after the integration of Ukraine’s power system with the power grid of Continental European ENTSO-E. Currently, there are no commercial exchanges between Ukrainian and European synchronized power systems. Such a condition was stipulated in the Agreement between Ukrenergo and ENTSO-E for the synchronous operation trial period.

Resumption of export-import operations is one of the main tasks of NPC Ukrenergo within the framework of further integration with ENTSO-E. The first auction took place on March 28, 2022, for the delivery day of March 30 (actual export start date). The auctioned profile volume is 210 MW (hourly).

The start of electricity exports will allow Ukraine to obtain additional resources for the restoration and development of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure during the war.

“Our first step towards the European electricity market, which is becoming extremely important in view of the war in Ukraine. It means that Ukrainian energy will receive additional funds to maintain its work in difficult times, and our European partners – a resource for partial replacement of Russian gas. Step by step we will come together to our victory! “, – said the Chairman of the Board of NEC” Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytsky.

It is worth mentioning that NPC Ukrenergo stopped allocating cross-border capacity for electricity imports/exports on February 24, 2022, due to the start of power system tests in the isolated operation mode. With the beginning of Russia’s military aggression, Ukraine has decided not to resume synchronous operation with the power systems of Russia and Belarus. Later, on March 16, 2022, the emergency synchronization of Ukraine’s power system with the power system of Continental Europe ENTSO-E took place.