The continental European power grid ENTSO-E has authorized an increase of Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe by 2.5 times.

Consequently, when the volume of commercial exports of electricity from Ukraine to the EU since the end of June was 100 MW, it will already be 250 MW from July 30.

“For us this is an expected decision, because from the beginning of the resumption of exports to the EU, from the first 100 MW, we received daily reports from ENTSO-E technical experts, which confirmed: export of Ukrainian electricity in the grid synchronized with continental Europe is stable, there is no negative impact on the system”, – the head of the board of Ukrenergo Volodymyr Kudrytskyi.

According to him, the EU understands the role of Ukrainian electricity, which helps replace toxic Russian gas. At the same time, it allows Ukraine to earn money to prepare for the heating season.

In the first 27 days of electricity exports Ukrenergo sold at auctions access to interstate power grids at cross-border intersections with Romania and Slovakia for UAH 500 million.

The company also noted that the price of electricity in the EU is several times higher than in Ukraine. Presently, Ukrenergo sells at auctions the entire available capacity of interconnections with Romania and Slovakia – 100 MW.

Today Ukraine can export electricity to Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, the available capacity of interstate connections to these countries – 100 MW. Also export of Ukrainian electricity takes place in Poland (210 MW) and Moldova (600 MW available).

Volumes of Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe will be gradually expanded by agreement with ENTSO-E.