At once, two unique projects are implemented in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Organic producer “UkrBioLand” in Solonianskyyi district and a similar company in Apostolivskyi district, which specialize in the cultivation of amaranth, which has unique therapeutic properties and is used in pharmacy and cosmetology. The above-mentioned companies plan to grow organic chicken in their amaranth fields.

The synergy of the uniqueness of the technology consists in the simultaneous cultivation of amaranth and birds, on the principle: organic chicken is fully grown in the natural environment with natural food in amaranth fields. Benefit of such meat is characterized by high nutritional qualities and vitamin value.

In Dnipropetrovsk region 350 hectares of agricultural land are occupied under the amaranth, which can also be combined with organic chicken production.

Amaranth industry is very developed in the region, as evidenced by the presence of:

  • Amaranth purification center , which is located in Dnipro;
  • well-established production of disrupted (air) amaranth, pasta, ready-made breakfast (Dnipro);
  • production of mixed fodders with amaranth press cake and extruded amaranth for all animal species (Kryvyi Rih);
  • “Zhyva Kraplia”, “Shvedov”, “Eco-olio”, ” Dyvo-Amarant “, “ElitPhito” , “Amaranth of Ukraine” are associations of amaranth producers and amaranth products in Dnipro, where you can buy high-quality virgin amaranth oil.

Also, the prospects of this industry in the region are evidenced by such plans as:

  • production of polished gains (Dnipro);
  • construction of an organic elevator (Solone).

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