Biosphere Corporation was the first to produce 100% cotton biodegradable wet wipes

Biosphere Corporation has launched another product in the Go Green category – biodegradable wet wipes made of 100% cotton. By their consumer properties, the new cotton wipes are durable and soft, the composition of hypoallergenic impregnating lotion contains up to 99% of water. The components of the lotion are safe for children’s skin treatment.

“The rejection of oil products, minimizing their use in the production of disposable products is a global trend that will only strengthen. «Biosphere» sees its role in shaping this trend in Ukraine and instilling a culture of conscious consumption. Our Go Green program will also have an educational function. We plan to conduct information campaigns and talk about the properties and benefits of natural and environmentally friendly products. The program will include the Go Green labeling of products so that they can be easily identified,” – said Alexander Lavrov, Director of Hygiene business area of the Biosphere Сorporation.

Wipes can already be found in retail chains and online shops.

Previously, the first biodegradable and compostable waste bags in Ukraine that do not use polyethylene were presented. Biosphere Corporation plans to expand the series of Go Green products from harmless materials for environment.

The range of natural products for personal care also includes wet toilet paper Smile, organic series of cotton pads and cotton sticks «Novita». Biosphere Corporation is the only company in Ukraine that owns a full cycle of production of garbage bags from recycled polyethylene granules. The corporation’s recycling plant of the corporation is the largest and most modern in Ukraine and processes up to 800 tons of polyethylene every month. Most of the recycled granules are used in the production of waste bags «Freken BOK».