Management processes and resilience of territorial hromadas to the challenges of war

The project “Stimulating Civil-Military Partnerships to Build Ukraine’s Resilience in the Face of Russian Military Aggression” was conducted in September-December 2022 at the initiative of the

Investment potential of Dnipropetrovsk region in wartime and DIA’s digital tools

February 2022 brought a new reality for every Ukrainian, which changed the life of both the region and the entire independent Ukraine. The Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency

Investment guide 2022/2023: investment and economics at war

February 2022 radically changed the life of both the region and the entire independent Ukraine, however, the region steadfastly holds the economic and military front. The

Dnipropetrovsk region at war: how does the region live during a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation?

Starting from February 2022, the region has turned into a real fortress for people and businesses from the Southeast. Here, the infrastructure damaged as a result

More than 10% of Ukrainian businesses have completely moved abroad

At the same time, 72% of companies moved within Ukraine, and 17% – both in the country and abroad 11% of Ukrainian businesses have completely relocated

The “Foreign Trade” block with updated indicators is already available in the DIAGRAM Open Indicators Module

The results of the foreign economic activity of the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2021 testify to the strengthening of the integration of the region’s economy into the