Dnipropetrovsk region is among the best and brightest European investment-attractive regions

Across Europe, much of 2022 was overshadowed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its reverberations across the continent. The war quickly triggered a refugee crisis, an

Interpipe NTZ shipped a record volume of wheel pairs to the EU in the fall of 2022

As of the beginning of 2023, the production of wheel pairs is kept at a consistently high level In the fall of 2022, Interpipe Nizhnyodniprovsky pipe

KSG Agro leased an oil extraction plant in Dnipropetrovsk region

Agroholding KSG Agro leased an oil extraction plant in Dnipro district of Dnipropetrovsk region. This was reported by the company’s press service. As noted, at the

KSG Agro put into operation a fattening shop in Dnipropetrovsk Region

Agricultural holding KSG Agro, after reconstruction, put into operation a virtually new fattening shop at a pig complex in Dnipropetrovsk region. This was reported by the

The production of complex fertilizers has been launched in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The Dnipro Mineral Fertilizer Plant (the city of Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk Region) has launched the production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers. As noted, at the first stage, the plant

KSG Agro increased the number of pigs by 20% in January-August

Agricultural holding KSG Agro increased its pig population by 20% in eight months of 2022 – from over 50,000 heads (as of January 1) to over