Centravis, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of stainless steel pipes, launched a second pipe production line. This is reported in a letter to clients published on enterprise’s site.

“Centravis production continues its work. From Monday, the Hot Shop and the Cold Shop work in 2 shifts. All key equipment is running,” he said Artem Atanasov, sales director of Centravis.

In addition, the letter also states that the company continues to work on key resource-saving projects.

“Production is provided with pipe billets and all necessary materials,” the company emphasizes.

The logistics team is actively working to ensure the safe delivery of products to customers. Sales offices around the world are open, financial and administrative customer support departments also continue to work.

Centravis in January-May produced 5.5 thousand tons of products (-25.7% compared to the same period last year). In 2021, the company’s production volume was 19.43 thousand tons, compared to 19.05 thousand tons in 2020. Recently, the company increased the production plan of the main workshops of the enterprise due to the possibility of obtaining a larger number of workpieces.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the company previously noted an increase in pipe output following improvement in billet supply. Also, Centravis launched manufacturing tubes for the automotive industry and was preparing to increase the supply of its products to the USA after the one-year cancellation of the 25% tariff on the steel products supply to this country.

At the same time, in mid-July, the company had to stop work of enterprises due to shelling of Nikopol. Workers and equipment were not injured. Already at the end of the month, work had been resumed.

Source: www.gmk.center