Economic realities and the future of youth in the community

On July 9, 2021, the Regional Conference “Economic Realities and the Future of Youth in the Community” was held. During the event, Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA) presented the potential of the Kamianskyi district, its economic characteristics, as well as relevant proposals for investors in order to form a successful image of the territory and its promotion. 

The event was initiated by the deputies of the regional council Oleksandr Bondarenko and Valeriia Svetlaia. The event was attended by representatives of the territorial communities of  Kamianskyi district, DIA’s specialists headed by the director of  Dnipropetrovsk regional investment agency, Valentyna Zatyshniak, as well as Vitalii Zhmurenko, Vice-President of the Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The main goal of the conference is the formation of stable communication between the participants through discussions, workshops, training and exchange of experience. As a result of these activities, a solid foundation will be created for effective cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership in the future.

First, it is important for communities to form a clear strategy for their development and attract young people as the main driver for the implementation of the envisaged goals and the development of the territory as a whole.

Valentyna Zatyshniak held a workshop on the topic: “Increasing the investment attractiveness of the Kamianskyi district through the formation and implementation of local preferences”. Valentyna Zatyshniak also presented a description of the district, presented the main tools for attracting investors and noted why preferences are effective in the context of communities. 

“Kamenskyi district is one of the largest in the Dnipropetrovsk region and covers more than 15% of its area. On the territory of the district there are 14 589 business entities, and the volume of sold products is 7% of the total volume of the entire region. This perfectly demonstrates the development of the Kamenskyi region, economic activity and its importance for the development of the entire Dnipropetrovsk region. In this context, the effective implementation of local preferences will significantly strengthen this territory and become a “green light” for investors, both domestic and international” – Valentyna Zatyshniak summed up.

On the territory of the district, there are available for investors more than 400 hectares of vacant land for various purposes are, as well as 3 offers and 8 real estate objects from communities and businesses. Detailed information about the communities that are located here can be found by the link.

It should be noted that the practice of holding seminars on local preferences has already received positive feedback from representatives of Dniprovskyi, Pavlohradskyi and Novomoskovskyi districts

Before the final part of the event, the participants actively discussed among themselves the topics that the conference was devoted to, since they are really relevant for every community, not only in the Kamenskyi district, but for the entire region. Agreements were reached on further dialogue between representatives of communities and the regional leadership in order to successfully develop communities in Dnipropetrovsk region.

For its part, DIA, as a reliable information partner of territorial communities, offers its interactive information resources to promote proposals from TC, namely:

These products are the result of DIA’s active work and can be used to promote territories, as well as obtain information about the region in the open data format.