How the land and real estate market works during wartime

Due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the introduction of martial law, the state limited access to the Register of Real Property Rights and the State Green Cadastre, which stopped the real estate and land markets. In May 2022, the functioning of state registers was restored, which restored sales.

An extract from the state land cadastre about the land plot and an extract from the technical documentation on the regulatory monetary assessment are required to carry out a transaction for the purchase or sale of real estate and land plots. Such extracts are currently generated and provided automatically by the software of the State Land Cadastre.

Currently, the automated provision of extracts from the technical documentation from the nationwide (all-Ukrainian) regulatory monetary valuation of agricultural lands located outside of settlements is effectively functioning.

A similar functionality has been developed for the creation and issuance of extracts from technical documentation on the normative monetary assessment of land plots located within settlements.

It should be noted that the automatic issuance of extracts from the normative monetary valuation of land plots located within the boundaries of settlements is possible only in settlements, information about the normative monetary valuation of which is included in the information of the State Land Cadastre.

The State Geocadaster is working on providing the maximum number of services automatically and extraterritorially.

In addition, territorial communities of the Dnipropetrovsk region offer land plots for auction, as well as for the implementation of investment projects supported by the DIA. If you are interested in investment projects, please contact us at