In Dnipropetrovsk region a new river terminal will begin operation in June

Zelenodolska branch transshipment terminal to ship grain, leguminous, and oilseeds by river transport will start its operation in June in Marianske village (Apostolove district, Dnipropetrovsk region). This was reported on the official website of the company.

Zelenodolska branch is constructed according to schedule. Next week, the specialists plan to finish mounting the metalware of an elevator tower at the transshipment terminal. At present, the framework height is 38.4 m (out of 48 m). The specialists have already mounted hopper scales (PRECIA S.A., France), a sieve-air separator, and three scalperators (Bühler GmbH, Germany). The builders continue mounting four bucket elevators and gravity equipment, as well as six chains and three belt conveyers (Cimbria Unigrain A/S, Denmark).

It has been completed to mount the structures for the air galleries located above the silos (with a capacity of 5.5 thousand tons each) and two dryers (Mathews Company, the USA) at the construction site. The specialists finish paneling the first dryer with metal. It will be delivered the gas equipment next week. The specialists are mounting transport equipment, including 12 chain conveyors (Cimbria Unigrain A/S, Denmark).

As we informed earlier, 6 silos (AGI EMEA S.R.L., Italy) have been already mounted at the branch. The specialists will start mounting ten more silos next week. Also, it has been mounted and put into operation the truck scales. The specialists continue mounting the equipment in the transformer substation.

The specialists have mounted the metalware and paneled a truck tipper with profiled metal. They are mounting the final equipment to unload trucks. The specialists plan to conduct the start-up and adjustment operations next week.

The specialists continue constructing a cargo berth of 150-m length. At present, is working on the formation of a berth’s firm foundation. The builders have started to repair an access road, to settle firm reinforced concrete road slabs (388 pcs.) which can carry a considerable load and are all season weather resistant.

«The Zelenodolska branch transshipment terminal will become the most up-to-date facility in the region and will create about 120 working places. Due to the facility operation, the local agrarians will be able to reduce costs for product transportation. The community will receive stable receipts due to taxes paid, as well as a socially responsible investor who always supports the community in the development issues», – stated in the message.