In terms of capital investment Dnipropetrovsk region in 2020 ranks first among the regions of Ukraine

In 2020, capital investments were made in the amount of $1869.8 mln (12.5% of the all-Ukrainian indicator) by enterprises and institutions of all forms of ownership. This allowed the region to keep the first place in the rating of capital investments among the regions of Ukraine. The decrease in investments volume was 20% compared to the previous year.

In the structure of regional capital investments, the largest part is made up of enterprises’ own funds – $1463.4 mln (78.3%). The volume of budgetary capital investments increased by 5% and amounted to $319.4 mln.

The largest share of capital investments (54.4%) was made in the industrial sector of the region’s economy and amounted to $1017.3 mln, of which a significant part was invested in the extractive industry ($519.9 mln) and the processing industry ($416 mln).

In second place there is the service sector (39.4%). Capital investments in this sector of the economy amounted to $737.3 mln. The largest amount of them was invested in public administration and compulsory social insurance – $279.6 mln, wholesale and retail trade ̶ $236.2 mln and real estate transactions  ̶ $106.4 mln.

The largest amount of capital investments by tangible assets type was invested in construction – 55.6%.

Investments in intangible assets accounted for only 1% of the total capital investments of $17.7 mln, of which $10.9 mln was invested in the IT sector, and $4.2 mln in the rights to commercial designations, copyright and related rights, patents, licenses, concessions.