KSG Agro invests $ 407K in the growing of piglets in Dnipropetrovsk region

This year Agriholding KSG Agro plans to build and put into operation a new enclosure for female swine animals for 714 heads in the Nyva Trudova village (Apostolove district). Expected investment in the object will be $ 407K.

New reproducer will be equipped with machinery from the German company Big Dutchman.

It is expected that the put into operation of a new enclosure for female swine animals, which is scheduled for September-October 2019, will increase the number of grown piglets by 20%, that is 1.5-2K per month.

Now from 9 to 10K piglets are grown at the pig-breeding farm every month.  The average annual number of pigs in 2018 was about 55K heads.

According to the press service of KSG Agro.

For the information:

KSG Agro is one of the leading agricultural holdings of Ukraine. It is a European innovative group of companies that works on the vertical integration principle. Shares of the holding listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.  KSG Agro is part of the European Business Association (EBA).

The main activities of the company are tillage and agricultural crop production, as well as pork production. Since September 2014, KSG Agro has been implementing a new development strategy, according to which the company develops the most promising projects. Primarily it is pig breeding,  as well as crop production and the production of renewable biofuels (fuel pellets).

According to the materials of KSG Agro press service.